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Vortex VVX flow sensor for heat pumps

SIKA Vortex flow sensors are the first choice in heating circuits of various heat pump systems. They are used by leading manufacturers worldwide.


Now new!

The VVX20 Low Delta p with even lower pressure drop!

You will find the product announcement sheet in the digital info package.

As a manufacturer of high-quality metrological solutions, with the Vortex series VVX we offer a wide range of flow sensors especially for heat pumps and large heat pumps.

With nominal sizes 15, 20, 25, 32 and 40 and various connections and materials - such as the practical QuickFasten connection or the plastic and brass variants - you have a wide range of products available for every heat pump application.

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In this package you will learn more about it:

✅ How we managed that the VVX20 has no mechanical wear. 

✅ Why this flow sensor is perfect for use in heat pumps. 

✅ What certificates are available for this product and how we can guarantee this quality.

"There are over 45 years of flow sensor experience in this product. Leading heat pump manufacturers rely on it."

Tobias Diehl, Senior Technical Sales Engineer

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What's inside:

2 functional original Vortex VVX20 LowFlow product samples with matching connection cable.

These are VDE-tested products for heat pumps with R290 refrigerant. Mark approval no. 40057543)

✅ A comprehensive operating manual with important information

Factory test certificates to confirm measurement accuracy and quality

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